Welcome to my blog

This is a website filled to the brim with my heart and my soul.

Perhaps this is my solo adventure into the depth of my own mind. Perhaps this is my journey.

My heart sets itself on fire and I write. My soul fallsย and scrapes her knees and I write. My spirit jumps and slides and I write. My mind wanders and runs through forests in my dreams and I write.

My name doesn’t matter as much as my purpose. But my name is Raechel. Day by day I clench my heart in my fist, my small hands holding onto this beating and bleeding thing that belongs in my chest. My lungs fill with the dirt and the dust in the air and filters it for my body to function. I am just trying to make sense of it all. I am only trying to understand this wonderful and broken and ugly and beautiful and cruel life.

Welcome to my blog, world. Stay as long as you like.