Maybe it doesn’t have to be terrifying. Maybe it’s just difficult, simple, chaotic and beautiful.


I can’t fix this.

It feels as though I have no more fight left in me. Whatever I was fighting, whatever I was fighting to prove, is gone. It’s such a relief. Really, it is. I don’t know why it was important then. Maybe it was something I had to go through to realize that there is just so… Continue reading I can’t fix this.


The galaxies within you

I want you to fall asleep at night knowing that you are responsible for the greatness that you are.


How beautiful? How bright?

When someone’s world goes dark, it is the kind thing to do to light a candle.
When your world went dark, you took all my light and stole my matches.


I let go.

She crumbled to the floor. It was dirty and i could imagine her getting up and dusting herself off. but she didn’t. The dust settled. She didn’t move or speak. She was in pieces. My best friend, my only friend. I could feel myself choking back tears. I was losing the battle too. I was… Continue reading I let go.