How beautiful? How bright?

I used to admire your bravery and tenacity. I looked at you and saw an explosion of light.
How beautiful?
How bright?
I was in awe of your courage and the way you carried all of the world so effortlessly. I wished and I hoped that the inferno in you would spark against my skin. I longed to be vibrant too. I wanted to dance within my own fire as you did.

Then, I started to resent you. I no longer wanted to be like you. I understood that I was only as important as you needed me to feel. You kept throwing water at my spark. I saw the emptiness in your actions.

I wanted all my care and admiring words back. I wanted to take it all back.

The truth is, I didnโ€™t realize that I had my own light. The truth is, I should not have felt dark next to you.

I had my own fire all along.

When someoneโ€™s world goes dark, it is the kind thing to do to light a candle.
When your world went dark, you took all my light and stole my matches.

But, I am brighter than ever before.


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