I let go.

She crumbled to the floor. It was dirty and i could imagine her getting up and dusting herself off. but she didn’t. The dust settled. She didn’t move or speak. She was in pieces. My best friend, my only friend. I could feel myself choking back tears. I was losing the battle too.

I was so thirsty. The air was dry and I felt it catching on my throat. Each breath aching and clawing within me. I felt the tears, more urgent now. I was staring at what was left of her body and it seemed to take away all my energy. I was exhausted and dehydrated. I knew that I was going to collapse soon.


I started losing my grip. I looked at the trees around me. The leaves sighing their last breaths as they fell. I knew that I would be joining them soon. My last breath.


It is my job. It is what I am made for. I need to die for the new flowers to grow. They will grow in my place, bright and violent. I will be the reason for their existence.

I let go.


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