Magic: Some stories live in our hearts forever

The first book I ever read was Nobody’s Dog by Collin Dann. I still have it in my bookshelf. The edges are ragged and the spine is lined, but its still as beautiful to me now as it was then. My parents love books and always encouraged me to read as a child. My dad used to pick out novels he thought I would enjoy at second hand book stores regularly. I am so grateful to my parents for encouraging me to read and allowing me to seek adventure in the pages of books and friends in the characters. As a child I could open up any book and suddenly I was countries and worlds away from here. I carried a book with me to school almost everyday. I craved the knowledge, the adventure and the way in which a good book could reach into me and pull out emotions I didn’t understand yet.



I still remember receiving the first Harry Potter book as a child. I didn’t know anything about it. I had no idea that this story would be something I would cherish forever. I read them intently and I loved them all. But it is only now that I realise the true magic of the Harry Potter series. It was not the spells and charms that spilled from the pages, but the way that it has tinged my childhood with shades of excitement and delight.


Watching the movies and reading the books made me feel as though I was a part of something. That feeling of belonging and the happiness that comes from sharing the enjoyment of the story has not gone away. I still think of the friendship, the love and the determination of the characters. I still want to watch the movies over and over again on bad days just to feel better and I still treasure the books.

I have loved many, many books. I have even reread a few of my favourites. But it is so incredibly rare to have something so universally loved and adored as Harry Potter is. Thank you, J.K Rowling, for allowing those who needed to feel a little less lost, find a sense of belonging and hope in your books. Thank you for allowing that joy into the lives of millions. My childhood was a little brighter because of you.



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