Ghosts that we knew

We each have stories to tell. We speak about growing up, our childhoods, school experiences and the people who played an active role in these events or our daily lives. As we get older, we realise that it is now up to us to decide who will feature in our lives, who will be a leading character in our stories and who will be in the background. It is through this realisation that we can take control of our lives and make the decisions that will benefit our future. The people who you associate with quickly become a part of you. It is only human to pick up habits, humour and behaviours from those around us. it isnโ€™t always easy, spotting the people who are hurting us more than helping. It is not supposed to be easy.

It is difficult to learn the lessons we are given, we are sometimes closed off to making these choices because the concept of getting someone out of our lives is daunting. Its downright scary to think that we can be in somebodyโ€™s life for a while and one day wake up and not know who that person is or what they are doing anymore. But it is a part of this busy life. It is part of growing and learning. Just because we choose not to have someone in our story now, does not mean that there is not a possibility for them being in it in the future.

But it is imperative to choose your company wisely. Not everyone has your best interests at heart. We can try to see the good in people, and they can still be good people even when and if they hurt us. It is a part of the human experience, we will hurt people and people will hurt us.

I want my stories to be full, colourful and crammed with life lessons. But I also want the people in my stories to be people I want to tell stories about. I want the people I talk about to make me proud and I want them to speak about me with pride. I want to tell stories of stomach-aching laughter, with tears rolling down my cheeks, and my chest feeling like it will explode because I cannot breathe. I want to tell stories of successful people, who wanted to be in my life and made an enormous effort to be in it. I want to tell stories about short-drives with long conversations and long-drives with the best music. I want my stories to be something I can write about and talk about and feel nostalgic over.

If you cannot offer me any of this, then it is best for the both of us to just move on and let go. If you cannot provide me with moments I will remember until I die, then I forgive you but I do not need you in my story.


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