There you are

The most important aspect of somebody’s life is the way that they view themselves. How we see ourselves not only dictates how we will allow others to treat us but also how we will treat ourselves. I have often said that our toughest battle is the battle within ourselves. Fighting our demons is a lifelong process, we are never fully free from things that impact and hurt us. The sooner we accept that life hurts, the faster we can stop asking ‘why’ and start saying ‘I can do this’. I’ve spent so much time doubting my abilities, my faith in myself has all but disappeared far too many times. It is not that I do not see myself as a strong person, but rather that I do not know how long the strength will be around before it is too tired to continue.

Trusting that your heart will heal is difficult, especially when it feels as though nothing will feel all right again. Sometimes you should allow anger and frustration with a situation to motivate you. In order to survive, it is imperative that you use your negative emotions to create some kind of positivity. Even when that anger has completely taken over and you cannot sleep. You need to feel what you need to feel without judging yourself harshly.

Strength is admirable, but vulnerability shows a different kind of strength. vulnerability is not exclusively applicable to relationships, but with yourself as well. Seeing yourself in your entirety, even the unpleasant aspects you do not want to deal with shows strength. It takes courage to acknowledge your broken parts, cracked pieces and bruised soul. Relationships and connections with people give us insight into ourselves, we do not always like what we see but that is okay. It is an opportunity for growth. So even when you cringe and feel like running in the other direction, you are still you and anywhere you go there you are.


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