Cry, breathe, dance

I want you to tear up at my words. Your eyes should burn and your heart should dance. I want to write something that will make you cry. I want it to make you succumb to everything you have been hiding from and deal with it. Drag all the hidden baggage to the surface and break it wide open.

I want you to read my words and crumble. Sit on the floor, stare at the ceiling and contemplate life and love and all the things in between.

My words want to mean something, amongst all the terrible news of the world and your work deadlines; they want you to stop breathing while you are reading them. Your lungs should hurt in the sweetest way.

I want you to hold your breath and exhale when you are finished reading the last word. I want it to feel as though there is background music, as though your world has come to life. I want you to feel a shiver through your body as though you have discovered new life.


Tell me what you think

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