Running with knives

There are many ways a heart can break. It doesn’t exactly have to break in two; the pieces don’t necessarily have to separate completely. But a break is a break, and there is no such thing as a clean break when it comes to the heart.

Sometimes all it takes is a lie, a betrayal from someone you trust. Sometimes all it takes is a moment of anger, saying something you don’t mean. Sometimes it is the loss of a great friendship. Sometimes it is unintentional and it just simply fractures. We are not always aware of the extent of the damage we do to one another. Do you think if we were that it would change a thing?

I’d like to think that if we saw the emotional damage the way we can see a physical wound, we would be more careful. Maybe we would not run the way we do with knives towards one another.

I like to believe that hurting someone you love is unintentional. Whether you want to admit this or not, here it is: You know when you are hurting someone. You know what words to say to cause someone pain; you know that your actions affect those who love you. Unintentional or not, it still aches, the tears still keep pouring.

I remember reading somewhere when I was growing up that sometimes your heart grows legs and waltzes right out of your chest and there is nothing you can do about it. I wish that it were true, because I don’t want to feel this ache in my chest. Maybe it would be better if my heart just decided to up and go.


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