To my best friend

The truth is, I don’t want to say goodbye. I do not want you to get on that plane because I know that there is no going back after that. when someone leaves a town, city or country, it is never the same. You lose contact or touch and things get really busy. I cry whenever I think about you now. Because I know that I do not want you to step onto that flight but the truth is, I would be mad if you didn’t.

The first time I met you, you jumped out of your moms red car and I knew we were going to be friends. I thought all your jokes were funny and you laughed even when mine weren’t. We spoke pretty much everyday and knew all the same people. You thought my music was cool and I was excited to have someone to share it with.

We were a ‘package deal’ whenever someone invited us somewhere. Our humour on its own was good but together, with us laughing (more than we should), it was speculator. You and I could read each others thoughts and finish each others jokes.

I don’t need to rehash out our favourite memories, I’ll save those for myself when I miss you. When you leave and my heart aches and I cry in the car to every sad song that plays, I will think about you. I will think about your laugh, your jokes, your serious moments and the way you make me coffee. I will think about eating popcorn with you and watching series. I will think about how we went and adopted April and how she threw up all over me on the drive home. These will all be mine, forever.

The point is, all my best moments of fun and laughter and secrets are with you. All my memories of drinking (before I couldn’t drink anymore) are with you. All the best clubbing and dancing memories are with you. All the coffee and cake memories are with you. Mostly all my New Year pictures over the last few years are with you. You are 8 years of love rolled into one person.

Jade, thank you for being my best friend. I don’t know how else to say thank you because the friendship you have given me is priceless. There are no words. Nothing will be enough or come close to what we have. I’m going to miss you terribly and when the 4th of July comes, I will cry. I will sob and embarrass myself at the airport but I do not even care.

Wanna cry with me Jade? Here is a trip down memory lane:


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