Raise your weapon

In a world where you are constantly assaulted with words, letters and languages, you are aware. You are aware of how to use that language, how to express your thoughts and opinions. You are aware that words can damage people or they can build them up.

I feel my hand in the pocket of my jersey. I feel it, aching and throbbing. It is ready to be used. I clench my jaw and I’m biting the inside of my lip. I know how this works.

I allow my fingers to curl towards my palm. I let the rest of my fingers straighten out. I point my weapon at my reflection:


‘You are not smart enough.’


You aren’t even pretty.’

Each shot pushes me backwards. I place my index finger and middle finger against my temple.


You will never amount to anything.’

You know the power that you hold between your teeth, a bullet that aimed at the right person could result in heartbreak. You also know what it is like to be on the receiving end. You know what is like when your own words betray you and destroy your spirit.

You know how simple ‘I love you’ is to say; how lovely it is to hear; how good it is to mean. The truth is that we do not always say the things that we mean.

When you are angry, and the words come out all tangled and curled, you know that you don’t really mean them. You do not mean the things you tell yourself at 02:45 AM through tears. But they are said, they are placed into the universe. The words cannot be un-thought or unsaid.

You do not mean to tell someone to leave, but you have and they are gone.

You have said something out of spite, because you know that person has a fear of hearing those words. You said them. You did not mean to.

You can aim your weapon in any which direction you choose, but your intent is really the most important factor. You can choose to motivate someone in a positive way. You can choose to express your own hurt in a way that does not wish for revenge. You can choose to use that weapon in a way that does not break spirits.

Your words are as powerful as any physical and dangerous object. They cause scarring and irreversible damage. Make sure your words are a reflection of your intentions.

Be kind.


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