You are not Alone

Deciding what will and what will not affect you can sometimes lead to inner conflict. As a sensitive soul, I am prone to absorbing all the energies around me, the good and the painful. I am often grateful for this quality, however it can sometimes exhaust and drain me.

“Life is too short to carry around things that no longer serve us. Life is a delicate dance filled with steps we fumble on until our entire body tunes into the music in our soul and we finally reach that balance of grace, ease and pure joy.” – Angie Sarhan

I am guilty of letting the world rest on my shoulders and allowing anger to infiltrate my mindset. It is no good to absorb all the wonder and all the tragedy and only exude the negative. I am frequently apologising for being overly sensitive and overly attuned to the world around me.

“I am sorry, it just breaks my heart to see the news today.”

“I’m sorry, but my feelings are just hurt at this moment.”

You need to accept that there is absolutely nothing wrong with FEELING. Feeling intensely and deeply is not something you should be ashamed of. However the problem only arises when you allow these feelings to dictate your behaviour negatively. You cannot allow yourself to fall into deep sadness almost everyday without any effort to pull yourself out. You need to become less attached to the world outside of yourself and shift your energy towards your inner-self.

Perhaps Less is More

It is okay to sit down and take a break. Walking away from a situation that you feel is too much for you takes courage. Solitude is an important part of understanding what we need. If that means making yourself tea and not doing anything for 10 minutes – do that.

Nourish Your Soul

There is so much that can upset you, there is so much pain and heartbreak. It is so easy to fall into a routine of rage and tears. It is sometimes a necessity to tune out of the bad and revel in the good. Take some time to laugh and smile. This does not mean that you are ignoring the problems in the world around you. It is simply a means to revitalise your soul. Search for the happy and the soul food instead of honing in on the negative. Tunnel vision can prevent us from seeing the big picture as well as result in a lack of faith in humanity. There is so much beauty and life to be experienced.

Talk it Out

Having an intellectually stimulating conversation can often lead to better understanding of the world around you. Expressing yourself in a positive way is a means of ‘filling’ up your ‘cup of life’. Empathising and sympathising will make you feel heard and less alone. We sometimes forget that other people are feeling the same waythat we feel.

Tolerance is Key

A small amount of kindness can go a very long way. Listening to someone
else’s opinion or view of the world without judgement is difficult. It is tough to bite your tongue when someone says that they do not care about something that you deem as important. It is also tough to remain objective. It is important that we come to terms that not everyone is as sensitive and passionate as we are.


You are beautiful, in all your feelings and emotions. They do not define you or dictate your life. You are still in control and you are able to change the world. No matter how small you feel or how insignificant that change feels, it is still important. Changing our own behaviour and our own mindsets is the only sense of power we have. Do what you can to help and let that be enough.

Knowing that we’re entitled to feelings of anger and exhaustion is almost a weight off of your chest. Get mad sometimes, it feels good to lose control. As long a that loss of control does not hinder or hurt anybody else.

Feel, and feel it all. It is okay to cry and hurt for others as well as for yourself.

Good luck.

I am always here.


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