Nothing is permanent

It starts with the change of direction. When we are not bound to an anchor, it’s easier to push forward. But we are usually tied to certain things in our lives. I say ‘things’ because it varies from material assets to people and intangible objects like hope and obligation.


There is something terrifying about knowing that ONE decision could transform the way you live your life. And because we are not islands, there is a possibility that many other lives could be altered in the process. One day, you are sitting in a comfortable job, or occupation and the next you are moving cities or countries. One day you are in an unbreakable relationship and the next you are boxing up your memories and taping them closed with your expectations.



Sometimes we just forget we are the captains of the ship. Sometimes we allow others to navigate our voyages. Sometimes all we do is drift around and around never finding a place to rest our bones. Sometimes we just keep running away from anything that seems too real or involves commitment. Sometimes we forget to steer at all.

Nothing is permanent. No anchor has the ability to last a lifetime. Our lives are temporary, and so are the attachments and bonds to those around us. It is up to us to put those sails up when we feel the wind. It is up to us to know where we can rest our anchor and how long we can rest it for.




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