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sometimes your heart forgets to beat with love for yourself

The truth is, there is no secret to dealing with insecurity and feelings of inferiority. The truth is, you have to go through it, you have to feel humbled now and then and you have to remind yourself that you are capable of being better. You have to remember that you have to make changes in order for things to change.


I know there are so many inspirational quotes, “believe in yourself” and “don’t let anybody else make you feel small”. Take some responsibility, you make yourself feel small, you don’t believe in yourself all the time and you know what? IT’S OKAY.

Eleanor Roosevelt — ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.’


How else do we come to appreciate the things in our lives? You are lucky to have what you have and love whomever you love and know what you know. Own that. But don’t forget that it is easily taken away and don’t forget that some days you will wake up and think, “How the hell did I get so lucky? I’m certainly not good enough for this.” or you’ll cry for no reason at all or you’re crying because you feel anxious and uncertain about yourself. Your confidence is slipping so quickly that you’ve already forgotten what its like to feel self-assured.


There will be moments of wavering inspiration and lack of hope for the future. Well fuck. You are only human right?


But hold on, because there will ALWAYS be days when the light hits your loved ones at just the right angle, and your perfume that you spritz on as you leave the house will smell as amazing as the first time you wore it. You’ll walk with intention and you’ll breathe easy, because life is good. There will always be a day that you feel deserving, that you accept that it’s okay to enjoy the life you lead and you receive without feeling a gnawing guilt at the back of your throat.


Hold  on to the hope that this feeling is not a permanent fixture in your mind, and sometimes your heart forgets to beat with love for yourself. It does not define your character to feel unworthy; it is a feeling, one that leaves as quickly as it arrives.





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