Open up that “someday” box

We all know what its like when we’re stuck, in a moment, in an unhappy job, in an exhausting relationship. We all know what its like to forget what day of the week it is, or as though we really have nothing to look forward to, even our thoughts become looped. Sometimes we just become too comfortable in our situations or we deem any sort of transformation as unrealistic.


It is in our nature to have some form of routine in our lives, we sleep when its dark we wake up when its light, we eat at certain times of the day, but this should not spill over into our being. Our character is unchanging, but our lives and goals must be in constant motion.


Our dreams feel so unlikely, or we leave them in our “someday” box. We want to lose weight, but the prospect of exercise is daunting. We want to change jobs but the idea of starting over new and learning everything all over again scares us shitless. We become restless in our friendships or our relationships no longer yield happiness but we are afraid to cause friction. Our lives become stagnant, we push our daydreams to the side, we put our “someday” boxes under our beds and we sleep through the daily motions.


These monsters under our beds don’t always stay dormant. If we don’t acknowledge our passions it’s easy to become dissatisfied with life, we strike out, we become angry and we take it out on those around us.

This happens until we break, or something happens that causes an eruption, the earth beneath us moves and something seems to be shaking us awake.


This wake up call isn’t necessarily pleasant. It could be loss, death or otherwise, it could be something wonderful, such as a new opportunity, it could be anything. But it focuses our minds on people and desires that we should start nurturing and valuing. It is important to draw our motivation from those that love us and those that bring these cravings to the surface and not those who expect failure. We should never want success to prove our worth to someone. We should never want our happiness for anybody else. Our success should make us proud of ourselves, and move our goals even higher.


One step towards any goal is one step further than you were before. From the first step, it seems only natural to take the next.

Logic teaches us that we aren’t likely to succeed but hunger for vivacity urges us forward by saying, “fuck it, follow that heart or be a fool”. Fear of failure only imprisons us, no one truly knows what they’re doing, so do it anyway.

So fuck it, that heart wants to lead you to beautiful places and if you disregard its yearning, you are a fool.



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