Fuck it, I am Dying

Face The Sun

Wow, how was that post Raechel wrote? Very touching and that header ‘My best friend is dying’ it got a few reactions, but it will since that is the truth, I am dying. There I said it, and I’ve said it so many times before, to everyone who comes in my life because they need to know the truth. It was always easy to say it, easier when I was 14 as opposed to now when I’m 21. My mom always said to me it will be easier for others to accept my disease if I accept it, so that’s what I did, made it look easy but now it’s not, now it’s the other way around, if other people can accept I’m dying then it will be easier for me to face the truth and accept it.

I’ve been in denial, I won’t lie, or more like rejection…

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