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Our lifestyles or our Facebook statuses do not define us

I like to think of each person as a recipe. An assortment of certain fixed ingredients, with room for adaptions and improvements as we go along. Each journey we embark on and each person we meet only add a bit of flavour and taste to the mixture.


We need to have different facets of ourselves; we cannot have one person or one pastime in our lives contributing to who we are and affirming what we want out of life. Firstly, it’s not fair to put that responsibility on anyone, and secondly it’s not fair to us, we are limiting ourselves and missing out on important experiences and exploring other souls in this world. Having our own goals and desires inspires a life with purpose.


We do need some friends and family (or something similar) in order to create and build our identity. We all need a little help, a little bullshit calling, a little conflict and a lot of love.  We rely on external experiences to influence our internal conflicts and feelings. Our feelings and thoughts further affect our external understanding and the cycle restarts.


This is not to say we should forget how completely healthy solitude is. We easily wrap ourselves up in daily routines, constantly surrounded by friends and family. Being at peace with being alone is so empowering. It brings forth a confidence we can introduce into our connections with others.

As we invest in relationships with others, we should equally spend our time on things that we are passionate about. We should become aware when we allow something to dominate too much of our energy and time. One thing, one career, one situation does not an individual make. Our lifestyles or our Facebook statuses do not define us. We do not need Instagram likes or Twitter followers. It is irrelevant. But it is our character; the continuously growing recipe of ourselves that expresses who we are. It is the ingredients we allow others or situations to add to our existence; and the fresher they are, the more enjoyable our lives will be.

I want to add something everyday.

“I’m living at a peak of clarity and beauty I never knew existed. Every part of me is attuned to the work. I soak it up into my pores during the day, and at night—in the moments before I pass off into sleep—ideas explode into my head like fireworks. There is no greater joy than the burst of solution to a problem. Incredible that anything could happen to take away this bubbling energy, the zest that fills everything I do. It’s as if all the knowledge I’ve soaked in during the past months has coalesced and lifted me to a peak of light and understanding. This is beauty, love, and truth all rolled into one. This is joy.”

-Daniel Keyes, Flowers for Algernon


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