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Pretoria in My Hart

Just thought I would do a post about the LOCAL bands I’ve been listening to. Yes, I support the local industry and I BUY THE ALBUM.

Please, enjoy…


Tale of 3 Cities

Visit Bittereinder’s Website here

Ever since moving to Pretoria, I have fallen irreversibly in-love with this city. The culture, the ‘square’, TUKS.FM (I mean best campus radio station winners), Menlyn, Brooklyn, the old city streets. It’s safe to say “Afrikaans town” stole my heart.ย So this song definitely makes me feel proud.


Rock ‘n Roll


Not only are these guys the most humble and interesting people I’ve met, they rock out so hard! the amount of crazy talent every memeber of the band radiates is beyond extreme. Give them a listen and follow their Facebook page here


Van Coke Kartel

Tot die Son Uitkom


I still haven’t had the privilege of seeing this band live, but man oh man do their lyrics give me shivers. I feel absolutely, through-and-through South African when I hear them. Not to mention how brilliant their latest Album is.

Hit their website up here

Gangs of Ballet

Don’t Let Me Go

So a little different, they’re more acoustic, but still just as rocking. South African music industry is rapidly increasing in talent as well as international interest. This is what music sounds like.

They too have a website, hit ’em up by clicking here




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