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My survival guide to my first year at university

So I’m a little older than the rest of the first years because I took two years off. But since moving to a new city to start at my dream university, even I have had to grow up and change my entire lifestyle. It’s a transition and you need all the support you can get. Do not feel guilty about finally going after your dream. It’s not easy, it’s not simple, but its hilarious and empowering.


Don’t be that kid

Don’t be that kid that gets drunk/high all the time. The only story you will have in a year will be about dropping out. It’s okay to go out, to have some fun, but know YOUR own limits. You don’t want to walk into lectures the next day and be known as the guy who puked on everyone in the club, fetal positioned himself in the bathroom and called his ex-girlfriend.


Also if you do get drunk, please try not to hook-up with two people at the same time, and if you do vomit before hand rinse your mouth out before breathing on them.


Change without money

You won’t have money. You wont have your own money, and you might not feel this way now, but you will eventually feel guilty about asking your parents for money. Prioritize, save up for one good thing.

My leggings with holes in them have become my signature Friday pants.


Your hard drive

Your series and movies (games etc) should be used at own risk. You will find any excuse to procrastinate. Remember that the workload is different and you have to put more time and effort into university. But man oh man, Game of Thrones though…


So you’re smart

I thought I was pretty much the smartest person I knew. Maybe not completely book-smart but I thought I was rather intelligent. Wrong.


You are no longer who you thought you were, and you officially know nothing. PUT YOUR HAND DOWN.




Some days my roommate and I wonder how we live in a place where the basin pipe leaks or falls off the wall completely. This isn’t living with mom and dad. Its not luxury, and if you have to bounce off the bath to pee without getting your feet wet, well you’ve earned some bragging rights.

Oh and your expensive taste in food will disappear. Maggie 2-minute noodles have literally saved my life.



Find a friend that you can make tea for, and who will make for you too. I took my kettle out of my room, I find it therapeutic to walk to the kitchen, make some social contact and make tea. I also enjoy blackmailing my roommate’s into making it for me.


Laugh about it

Don’t lose your sense of adventure. You might have to grow up in a very short period of time, but don’t forget to nourish your inner child sometimes. It’s healthy. I seriously enjoy rapping ‘scholarship’ by Juicy J and many others whenever I find it appropriate. I do this in public with my roommate as often as possible.


I leave you with this: Read more, laugh more, work harder, self-discover, be cheap, get drunk …as long as you wake up the next day and hand your shit in.




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