We are who we are because of where we have been

We are all running, moving and pushing a piece of ourselves behind us hoping the past won’t catch up with us. There is a part of ourselves that we hide from the world. There are some secrets we never tell, some stories we keep out of conversations. Is it a fear of being judged; a fear of being stripped and forced to see things we never wanted to admit to ourselves?
We close ourselves off, avoiding all thoughts and feelings and just hoping that the past doesn’t one day show up at our door, creep into our beds, our picture frames for the whole world to see. 
We are quick to forget that the past, every experience, every memory has had some kind of effect on us. We are forever altered; more so on some occasion than others, but nonetheless altered. We are who we are because of where we have been who we were there with and whatever happened.

The thing about important moments though, they only feel important when you’re looking back on one, or looking ahead to one. During an important moment, you’re either too focussed on the result and going through the motions or you haven’t realised its effect yet. Some stories we don’t share, for a lack of understanding, but some stories are earned, and once told create a bond. We are all running from something however there is a relief in accepting, putting our fears aside and letting all go of our fears of judgement, even that from ourselves. The past is the past, but it will affect your future, you just get choose how it does.

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