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The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore

I think out of all the years, I have never learnt so much as I have this year. Going through something hard, dramatic and painful gives you experience, but it doesn’t teach you anything. Dealing with that anger, that loss and that change afterwards is where you will find the lessons you need to be taught. 

Nothing worth it will ever come easy; and we are not going to be happy all the time. Nothing, however, is as freeing and satisfying as letting go and accepting things that you cannot change.
I have accepted that people do move on. Although we will always feel a connection to those people who meant something to us at some stage in our lives, we will outgrow them. We cannot hope to fit into shoes we wore when we were eleven. Moving on is inevitable, we are changing everyday, growing and learning and exploring, no matter what age you are. While, yes, some friendships are built to last a lifetime, others are chapters in our lives that should be kept as a memory, a stepping stone. We cannot hold onto something that is dying, however painful it is to let go.

Sometimes this letting go is not a conscious decision, but a simple withdrawal, but it happens, life happens. Nothing is perfect, and yes we should fight for those we love, but we usually know deep down when something in our lives has run its course.
Sometimes we have to be selfish, do things for ourselves, and there is nothing wrong about that, if it is done in the right way. However, being selfish means you’re doing what’s best for you; it doesn’t entail holding someone back for your own needs. There is a huge difference between letting yourself be happy and stopping someone else from being happy. When we truly care for someone, we want nothing more than for them to be happy, that should in turn make us happy. Regardless of how we feel, no one really belongs to us, and once you have moved on, it is only fair to let the other person do the same in peace.

 Moving on sounds so simple-why didn’t I think of that before? Well, because, it’s painful. Once we have been hurt in a relationship or by someone in our lives, we carry that baggage until it becomes muddled up with the baggage of the new relationship. What we don’t realise is we are holding ourselves back, we are stopping ourselves from being happy because we are letting someone from the past-and nobody deserves to have that affect on you-feature and destroy the good things you have in your life now.  This is your life, now isn’t it time you started living it?

Songs Of the Day:
Lightening Crashes- Live 
Gimme sympathy-Metric
Young Folks-Peter Bjorn And John
Speechless-Lady gaGa
Come Right Out And Say It-Relient K
Young the Giant-My body

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