There are always going to be people who want to take a little piece of you

They say that life is just one beautiful struggle. The struggle, the fight, one beautiful war each and everyday. We can fight for big things, material things, friendships and relationships, our reputations and we cling to things, our pasts, our futures and fight to keep hold of them, sometimes holding too tight that it merely slips through our fingers like butter, like they were never there at all.

We fight for our pride, our integrity, we want to keep ourselves intact and there are always going to be people who want to take a little piece of you, maybe out of spite and jealousy. We argue with our friends, our battles, sometimes insignificant but normal and healthy. Stranger still, we fight to let things go, we are determined to move on, put things out of our minds and we become defensive. At a certain point we hold our ground, we have survival instinct. We build these walls up and we protect ourselves.

One of the most difficult struggles to face still, is ourselves, the demons inside of us, the wars within ourselves are the hardest ones we’ll ever fight. And yet, out of war comes strength. Even though there are sometimes no winners and it is usually best to walk away with your dignity, before the anger takes over you, something’s are worth it.

We fight for everything we want. If we want something badly enough, we swallow our pride and put on our best defence and we walk away victorious.



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